MPS Realtors, Suman Selvaratnam, Menaka Sivendran and Priya Ganesh, are seasoned
professionals serving GTA and surrounding neighbourhoods. We formed this team so together
we are always available and flexible to meet the needs of our clients. The MPS Realtors
philosophy begins with family, investment and growth and then work together with the family or
individual to customize our service based on their preference. We treat all our clients like family
members with ultimate care and compassion.  We also have a large network of contractors,
interior designers, home inspectors, lawyers and mortgage agents who can support you to
make it a less stressful and more enjoyable real estate journey. We can be the key to your
dreams when you give us a call.

Suman Selvaratnam

GTA – a place to grow; a place to store wealth; a safe deposit box in the world. Hi, I am
Suman Selvaratnam, a realtor servicing client in the GTA. Real estate is truly my
passion and that passion is what guides my profession rather than looking it as a

On our journey to finding that home, my clients become part of my family. I greatly value
the trust my clients put on me on one of their biggest investments.  I believe strongly
that it is not only my duty to represent my clients to the best of my ability, but also to
educate them throughout every step of the process armed with top notch information
and market insight so that my clients make the best decisions possible.  I have always
brought abundant energy, dedication, experience and personal knowledge to provide a
smooth and easy-going transaction to achieve their goal.   
I have lived over 10 years in each of Canada's largest and hottest real estate
markets, Vancouver and Toronto and experienced the trend. Being a nature lover, I live
near the beach with my beautiful wife and 3 wonderful kids.  Having decided to embark
my passion for real estate, I have never looked back. To grow my business while
ensuring my clients receive the highest level of service, I have joined two
other hardworking ladies to create team MPS.

Priya Ganesh

Less house, more home. That has always been my motto for my own properties. That's
also the approach I take for all my clients. Hi I'm Priya, your trusted Homelife Galaxy
representative. I'm passionate about everything to do with homes and for that reason I
stepped into the world of Real Estate several years ago. Before getting into real estate,
my profession was in social services. I worked with various communities, community
partners and people from different walks of life. This background allows me to
understand the various individual needs of each of my clients.

My other work experiences have been sales based in retail. On the education aspect, I graduated from
the University of Toronto with a double major in International Development Studies and
Economics. How am I as an agent? I ensure my clients understand the real estate
market, the process, the area of purchase and the different aspects of buying or selling
a home. I put my heart and soul into ensuring my clients are happy not just during the
transaction but even years after with their real estate decision. I feel a social
responsibility to aide in building healthy community through my profession and giving
back. Outside of work hours, I enjoy giving back to the community volunteering.

Prior to starting my real estate career, a hobby of mine was to ‘flip’ houses. Each flip
came with its own lessons. I learned to analyze the potential in houses and consider
where changes needed be made to meet the needs of clients. My client base is also
comprised of individuals interested in investing money in properties. I'm also expanding
my service sector into commercial and cottage ownership. My experience with houses
has allowed me to grow a large network of contractors, interior designers, home
inspectors, lawyers and mortgage agents who can support you to make it a less
stressful and more enjoyable real estate journey.

Menaka Sivendran

Home sweet home. I'm Menaka Darshan. As a mother of 3 children, I put a lot of
emphasize in creating an environment suitable to their upbringing.  So, finding the
perfect home or the neighbourhood to make this happen is very important.  My interest
in homes started when my family members first started looking to purchase their first
homes.  At the time, being a resident in Toronto, I was amazed at the vast options
available for every aspect of a home - from the different types to the layout and the
finishing. I spent a lot of time visiting builders, model homes and resale homes.  After
getting married, along with our home journey as a couple, my husband has been my
backbone in encouraging me to be the real estate professional that I am today.
Together as a team, we hope to be a custom home builder in the near future.

My sales experience and people skills come mainly from working at CIBC where I
received multiple sales toper award. I am able to connect well with the clients and be
able to match their needs to the services and products we offer. My dedication and
passion as a real estate person led me to many awards including principle award.
Aside from my full-time job as real estate person, I enjoy long drive with my family and
exploring new places.